About Our Organization

Relearn how to move and be‚Äčcome a stronger you.

Gulf Coast Parkour is a grassroots and family endeavor. 

Having a background in education, health, and experience with numerous types of physical activities as well as being a certified Parkour Instructor, GCPK recognizes the need for more engaging, challenging and creative physical activities that will help establish positive lifelong healthy habits. 

Parkour is natural and useful, can be done by anyone, and reaps countless health benefits. 

Coach Micaiah graduated from The University of South Alabama in Clinical Laboratory Science, has years of experience teaching and training in Parkour/Freerunning, team sports, various martial arts, gymnastics and has trained with professional Parkour and Ninja Warrior organizations in Boston, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, New Orleans, and also with some of the original founders of Parkour/Art du Deplacement in France, the Yamakasi. 

Coach Micaiah is an ADAPT Level 1 certified instructor in Parkour and Freerunning. 

We wish to spread the love of movement to all and our ultimate goal is to build a successful Parkour community and gym here in Mobile where we can hold both indoor and outdoor classes!

"Being strong to be useful"

Learning group and individual challenges help us become stronger so that we can share that strength and help others!

Running, Jumping, Climbing!

Learn balance, coordination, discipline, creative, efficient and SAFE movement and learn principles like becoming stronger to be useful and overcoming physical as well as mental obstacles and of course having fun! 

Ain't no party like a Parkour Party!

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